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How Essential Oils Can Heal Your Body and Clean Your House

By anchorwave | In Blog | on May 11, 2015

Essential oils are natural substances derived from plants and other sources. These oils are used for many purposes, including cleaning and disinfection, relaxation, and better health. The Animas Center is pleased to offer bimonthly essential oil classes in Tucson to help you learn how to incorporate these products into a healthier, richer lifestyle.

Essential Oils for Better Health

Essential oils have long been used to promote a healthier body. Many of the most common essential oils, such as peppermint, tea tree, lavender, and lemon, can boost immune system function, aid in digestion, balance hormonal levels, and reduce the symptoms of allergies, colds, and flu. Essential oils are also used to heal and renew the skin, soothe muscles and joints that are sore or overworked, and reduce pain from many acute and chronic conditions. In some cases, essential oils aid in physical and mental relaxation, which can help to refresh your mental outlook on life, reduce mental and physical stress, and improve your overall health and wellness.

Essential Oils for a Cleaner Home

Incorporating essential oils into your cleaning routine means enjoying a cleaner and a healthier Tucson home. Rather than using harmful artificial chemicals to clean your home, consider the benefits of making your own essential oil cleaners. Essential oils can be used to clean and disinfect nearly any surface in your home safely, accomplishing the same tasks as chemical cleaners, but without the harmful side effects of chemicals, such as respiratory difficulties, headache, and skin irritation. A natural essential oil cleaner will not only do the trick, it will keep the air of your home healthy and smelling great by eliminating the harmful chemical residue and odors left behind by modern store-bought cleaning solutions.


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